Online Tutoring Sites


Here are a few tried and true sites that offer free online tutoring.   Some sites may require that you give out your e-mail address or register other information.  Please be aware that by providing your e-mail address to any web site, you may receive unwanted spam and/or advertising.

  • Ask Rose – Toll-free phone and online tutoring from college students at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Webmath -  Type in a question and a worked-out solution will be printed.
  • Purplemath - A listing of many sites and resources, including tutoring sites.  Some of the sites are outdated/defunct, and some are of variable quality.
  • Khan Academy -  Video tutorials explaining a range of basic concepts in algebra and arithmetic (prealgebra concepts are scattered between the arithmetic and algebra sections, so you need to understand Mr. Khan's system of labeling of topics and connect it to the topic you're wanting to see).

I would appreciate your comments on any of these sites you use, as well as suggestions for additional algebra tutoring sites.