How to Use MyMathLab Resources 

MyMathLab is NOT required -- all homework is due in class, written on paper.  However, there are optional resources that may be useful to you.  Homework online is PRACTICE ONLY, and will not be accepted for a grade.  To access these resources, you will need to use an access code (purchased with the book) AND the course ID (given in class, or e-mail me for Course ID).  

To access the resources:

    1. Set up an account using the following steps:
    • Go to (address needs the www.)
    • On the right, find “Register Now -- Need Access?  Start here.”  Click on the button marked “Student”
    • Enter the course ID (given in class).
    • Enter the date for a new account, including your user name, e-mail address, and other information.
    • On the "Register" screen, select "Use an access code."  Use the code that came prepackaged with your textbook.  It is good for 1 year, for this course only.  If you want to save your code for a later course, don't use it now.

2.  Using MyMathLab resources:

    • Sign into your account on
    • Click on the link for your course.
    • For videos of each section, select "MULTIMEDIA Library" -->Select the Chapter, section, and "Section Video Lectures" box
    • For homework practice, select "Study Plan" from the left side bar.  Select "View all chapters", then select the section to practice.  A list of problems is given.  These problems are similar tothe ones with corresponding numbers in the textbook.  The options available are:
      1. Help me solve this (The computer gives guides you through the steps with hints).
      2. View an Example - A computerized example is shown
      3. Animation - The problem is solved via handwriting on a board, with a person talking you through the solution
      4. Textbook - Shows an exact copy of the paper textbook section
      5. Print -  You can print out the problem and bring it to class to show me.