Math 921-922-923-924

Summer 2017


Math 921-924 is a series of non-credit modules which covers the content of Math 19 or Math 20 (Prealgebra).  Students who register for 921 are automatically registered for 922, 923, and 924.  Those who complete Math 924 are eligible to reassess; if successful, they skip Math 19/20 and take Math 29/30 as their next course.  The content of each module is:


Math 921 - Integers

Math 922 - Fractions, Decimals, and Integers

Math 923 - Ratios, Proportions, and Percents

Math 924 - Measurement and Graphing


The setting of the course is in a computer lab with an instructor and a student tutor.  Students work at their own pace using an adaptive software program.  A diagnostic tool will determine which topics the student has mastered and skips them, while topics needing more practice are reviewed through videos and practice problems.  If there are questions that can't be answered by the computer videos or text-based examples and step-by-step outlines, the instructor and tutor are there to answer specific questions.


Download Syllabus for Summer 2017 Here  

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