Math 89 Hybrid Course Information - Spring 2016

Most course materials are stored in Blackboard.  However, some are posted here for public viewing.

Required Materials

  1. MyMathLab access to Beginning & Intermediate Algebra, 6th ed. by Bittinger, Ellenbogen, Johnson (same as Math 70). The paper text is optional but recommended for those who want a deeper understanding of the course content.  If you have a book and code (activated after May 1, 2015) from Math 70, you don’t need to buy anything new.  A bundle with code and book, or a standalone code can be purchased at the Pirates Bookstore.  A standalone code can also be purchased at:
  2. Math 89 Course Notes:  Download here  Note:  The contents of Math 89 changed between 2016 and 2017 - See Math 30 notes for earlier sections.
  3.   A scientific calculator which has the functions  log x, ln x, e^x, and 10^x.  These usually cost $10-$15 and include the TI-30 series, Casio FX- series, and Sharp EL-series.  However, you can receive preapproval for other calculators by showing them to me before the exam. Cell phones or other communication/data storage devices may not be used as a calculator.


Syllabus can be downloaded here

Instructions for 2-week MyMathLab access


Lecture Notes


Class Multimedia