2-Week Homework Fix 

If you can't get your book or access code immediately, you can create a temporary MyMathLab account for 14 days.

Set up an account using the following steps:

    • Go to www.mymathlab.com (address needs the www.)
    • On the right, find “Need Access?  Start here.”  Click on the button marked “Student”
    • Enter the course ID (given in class)
    • Register and create an account, providing your user name, e-mail address, and other information.
    • You will see a payment screen.  At the bottom, there is a blue link, “Get temporary access without payment for 14 days.”  Click on that link and follow the remaining instructions. You should now have an active MyMathLab account that will work for 14 days.  

For classes with online MyMathLab homework, sign into your account, select the course, and complete homework using the "Homework" tab on the left.

For classes with paper homework, get your homework assignments using these steps.

    • Sign into your account on www.mymathlab.com.
    • Click on the course link (Math 20/70/90/121) to get into the course.
    • Suppose you want the homework problems for section 1.3.  Select "Multimedia Library" from the left side bar.
    • Select "Chapter 1" from a drop-down menu of all sections in Chapter 1.
    • Select your section from the drop-down menu.
    • Under "Multimedia type", select the box for Multimedia Textbook.
    • Click on "Find now."
    • A blue link with the section number (in this case, Section 1.3) will appear.  Click on it.
    • You will see the pages of that section of the text printed.  Use the arrow keys in the upper left or the scroll bars to find the page with the homework problems.  
    • Do the assigned problems from the homework assignment list on paper.
    • Hand in the paper in class.  No online assignments will be accepted.