Math 20 Information and Handouts - Spring 2019


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Lecture Notes:   blank      filled

Required Course Material:  Prealgebra, 6th edition, by Margaret Lial, 

EITHER the paper text OR electronic text is acceptable. The Pirates' Bookstore only carries one option of 4 possible options.  CHOOSE ONE THING out of the following options.   DO NOT buy all 4.

  • 1a.  Pirates Bookstore option - MyMathLab code in cardboard sleeve ($123.20). This allows you to use a tablet or laptop to view the e-text and get extra resources for 1 year.  OR
  • 1b.  Direct download of MyMathLab code ($103.95).  This gives the same access as 1a, but is purchased directly from the publisher and is cheaper.  OR
  • 2.  Paper book rental ($87.99) - must return at the end of semester; no resources.  OR
  • 3.  e-subscription (6 months) for e-text with no resources ($76.99).  


This video  shows how to access options 1b, 2, and 3, as well as how to use resources from MyMathLab at the times shown:

  • 0:00 Overview, homework expectations
  • 1:30 MyMathLab - How to sign up, purchase, and view the electronic text
  • 4:25  Extra resources in MyMathLab, including viewing videos, and extra helps on homework problems
  • 7:00  How to rent a paper copy
  • 7:50  How to order a subscription to the e-text


This is the link shown in the video , with different purchase options.  DO NOT buy MathXL ($60.50)


There is a way to use the MyMathLab code to order a paper text to keep for $35, but it's risky.  I'll explain it in class. 

Tutoring Hours :  Spring 2019


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