Math 173 Information and Handouts

Required Materials

  • Textbook:  Calculus, Early Transcendentals 9th ed. by James Stewart (paper version)
  • A  scientific calculator (non-graphing, non-CAS). These usually cost $10-$15 and include the TI-30 series, Casio FX- series, and Sharp EL-series.  However, you can receive preapproval for other calculators by showing them to me before the exam. Graphing calculators (like TI-84) and CAS calculators (like TI-89) may NOT be used.  Also, cell phones or other communication/data storage devices may not be used as a calculator.



STEM Internships

Lecture Notes and Syllabus:  To be updated

Review & Exam Solutions


3D Graphing Tools 

 Class Multimedia

Chapter 16 is a collection of "tools" used in fluid dynamics, among other things.  The concepts may seem abstract, but Better Explained and Math Insight explain some of these ideas "common sensibly"  Try searching for topics like curl, divergence, and flux. 



Guided Notes - This 154-page packet with "skeleton" lecture notes and study guides can be picked up (or sent) for FREE from the Pirates Bookstore, but it can also be downloaded here.  You're welcome :-)

To Infinity and Beyond - Interesting, Inspiring, and (mildly) Irrelevant applications