Math 161 Information and Handouts


Required Materials

  • Text:  Precalculus, 11th ed., by Michael Sullivan - the access code is required, the paper text is optional
  • Math 161 Free Handouts - free from Pirates Bookstore
  • Calculator: A  scientific calculator (non-graphing, non-CAS). These usually cost $10-$15 and include the TI-30 series, Casio FX- series, and Sharp EL-series.  However, you can receive preapproval for other calculators by showing them to me before the exam. Graphing calculators (like TI-84) and CAS calculators (like TI-89) may NOT be used.  Also, cell phones or other communication/data storage devices may not be used as a calculator.


Class Multimedia

Video Authors

  • One Punch Math - video author specializes in College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Precalculus
  • MathIsPower4u - videos from Arithmetic to Calculus and beyond

Random Information