Math 121 Information and Handouts


Required Materials

  • Textbook:  Precalculus, 9th ed. by Michael Sullivan
  • Approved Scientific Calculator which has the functions  log x, ln x, e^x, and 10^x.  These usually cost $10-$15 and include the TI-30 series, Casio FX- series, and Sharp EL-series.  However, you can receive preapproval for other calculators by showing them to me before the exam. Graphing calculators, cell phones or other communication/data storage devices (iPods, iPads, lapttops, etc.) may not be used as a calculator. 


Extra Credit - Library of Functions Dance/Video 

Downloadable Handouts

  • Course Syllabus

Quiz & Exam Solutions

  • Quiz 1      Quiz 2     Quiz 3       Quiz 4       Quiz 5     Quiz 6       Quiz 7         Quiz 8 
  • Exam 1     Exam 2      Exam 3     Exam 4

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