TI-84 Emulator Installation

As with any free software, this is "use at your own risk."  

The instructions below can also be viewed at this video 

  1. Download the TU-84 Plus operating system from the Texas Instruments website.  This is the most updated emulator.
    • Declare your humanity! and accept the conditions
    • Save the file to a place where you can find it (it automatically goes to your Downloads folder by default) -- it's labeled as TI84_PlusOS255.8xu, or something similar, depending on your operating system.
  2. Download the actual emulator from Wabbitemu, selecting the purple download button.
  3. Install the file by running/double clicking the *.exe file.
    • Under Wabbitemu Rom Selection, select "Create a ROM image using open source software."
    • Select TI-84 Plus (to match the model I will use in class) or another model if you want to match your own calculator.
    • Select "Browse for OS files on my computer."  (If you select the default, version 255M, it may work on some computers).
    • Find and select/open the TI84_PlusOS255.8xu file on your computer.  You may need to select the "All files" option to make the file name appear.
    • Select "Finish."  The calculator should appear.
  4. If possible, keep the calculator open -- minimize it rather than closing it.  If you close it by accident, you'll need to re-install by running the *.exe file again (steps 2 and 3).  Some steps may be automatically skipped after the first time.  Re-installing can be avoided if you're able to obtain the .rom affiliate program -- I haven't found it yet.

Note:  These instruction are current as of 8/24/16.  The procedure keeps changing, making this free emulator less accessible.

A video (with outdated instructions, but some good information) can be viewed here.