Math 111 Information and Handouts
Spring 2017 

Required Materials

    1. Textbook:  College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization 5th edition by Rockswold.  NO online access is required, so a used or rented book is fine.
    2. A graphing calculator:  TI-84 preferred, but TI-82 and TI-83 are acceptable.  TI-84's can be checked out from the library.  I recommend checking one out early (first day of class), as they usually run out before the end of the week.

MyMathLab is not required, but contains resources that may be helpful.  If you have an access code, or want to use a 14-day free trial, you can sign in through Canvas as described in this video.  Once you have an account, follow these instructions to view the e-version of the textbook.

Syllabus -Download it here 

Solutions and Review Sheets

Class Multimedia


Excel and Desmos (graphing tools)