How Can I Annotate if I use a Chromebook?

  1. MOST Zoom functions work on Chromebook and are described here.
  2. Chromebooks cannot directly annotate using the annotation bar.  However, you can mimic this function by downloading the Chrome Page Marker extension.  This video shows how.  This allows you to annotate on your own shared screen.  I'm not sure if allows you to mark on another person's shared screen in the "main" room or in breakout rooms.
  3. Many cell phones have some annotation ability.  When the host is sharing a screen, if the host allows annotation, swipe your screen.  In the lower left, a pencil will appear.  Touch the pencil, and annotation options will appear - not a full catalog, but some options.
  4. A phone in a breakout room may only be able to annotate on its own shared screen using the pencil icon, not a classmate's shared screen.