Extra Credit-Functions Dance/Video


  1. Create a dance set to music using Math 121 library functions as dance moves (e.g., y=x^3 --> Statue of Liberty, y = cube root(x) --> walk like an Egyptian etc.).  Using more functions, including later functions (1/x^2, exponential,log, and logistical functions in Chapter 5) will result in a higher score.  Moves must have a "reasonable resemblance" to the shapes of the functions.
  2. Record your dance on video.
  3. Include a script of the functions in order as they appear in the performance.  You can either "overlay" the functions on the video as they appear (more points), or you can write them as the descriptive text introducing the video.
  4. Post your video to YouTube and send me the link.  The video must be uploaded no later than midnight, Monday, April 21, 2014 and must stay there until May 5 (final grades will be submitted by then).  Warning:  I may show your video in class or share the link with math colleagues and other geeky friends :-).
  5. Submit (in class, on paper) a list of "major organizers" and "participants" by Wednesday, April 22.
    • Credit for " major organizers" (choreographers, video editors, etc.) You will receive a score that will replace you lowest 2 homework/quiz scores.  Alternatively, you may add this score as extra points to your homework total.  All reasonable entries satisfying the above criteria will receive at least 8 points,
    • Credit for "participants" (e.g., dancers) - You will receive a score that will replace your lowest homework/quiz score."

 Have fun!  (that's an order!)